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Bay Area Kayaking Club

Along with the Lakeside Yachting Center, the USRC Rowing Center offers a host of fitness and recreational options. It’s a place for everyone interested in rowing, sailing, swimming and kayaking in Houston.

With your paid membership to the club, you gain access to ALL facilities offered to USRC members, including key access to use tennis courts, exercise/weight room, kiddie playground, picnic areas and much more. There’s even convenient access to biking and jogging trails.

Not only is rowing relaxing for the mind and body, almost anyone of any age or fitness level can enjoy this sport. Rowing is often described by participants as “the most motivational exercise experience I have ever had.” The health benefits of rowing include improved circulation, renewed energy and alertness, increased stamina and an enhanced sense of self worth.

USRC provides shells, kayaks and canoes and gives members the options to row, sweep and scull. The club owns 27 vessels and two club boats.

Rentals, Tours, Classes and More!

Phone: (281) 532-1518
Address: Lakeside Yachting Center - 2517 Nasa Parkway - Seabrook, TX 77586 
Email: bayarearowing@aol.com
Website: www.houstonrowing.com
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