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Founder Russell Ybarra’s “quick-casual” Bullritos concept was certainly inspired by his sprint through the streets of Pamplona. But his passion for fresh Tex-Mex and quality ingredients paved the way for his call-it-like-you-want-it, bull-themed burrito joint. Either way, his food-lovin’ appetite for adventure led to the Bullritos concept, and a new era of burritos was born. In 2008, Bullritos opened its first location in La Porte, Texas, and they’ve been herding in guests and keeping their characteristic mouthwatering burritos in the bag.

Ybarra is no young bull to the restaurant world. He founded Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen in 1993, making it one of the most successful Tex-Mex restaurant chains in Houston. Gringo’s locations are well known for their delicious, yet affordable Tex-Mex menu and rockin’ Rita Cantina, which serves some of the best margaritas in Texas. Almost 20 years later, Gringo’s still holds true to its company philosophy “to serve the highest quality Mexican food, at the lowest price possible!” Bullritos has adopted this long-standing tradition.
Phone: (281) 333-0300
Address: 1820 E NASA Pkwy, Nassau Bay, TX 77058
Phone: (855) 428-5574
Address: 1620 W FM 646, League City, TX 77573
Website: www.bullritos.com/
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