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Windemere Mansion

Windemere Mansion, the beautiful, graceful and elegant English Tudor mansion on Clear Lake in Bal Harbour, was built in 1929.  The mansion, and its pools and marina, are a popular site for weddings and family gatherings, and have been professionally photographed for various print advertising campaigns and as backdrops for retail jewelry TV ads.

Bal Harbour is a Waterfront Community on enchanting Clear Lake, just a short cruise from the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the excitement of the beckoning sea.  Windemere Mansion is a sumptuous place to celebrate a special occasion in the sparkling City of Nassau Bay, where you will also discover the lovely stores, shops, and excellent restaurants of the surrounding area.

The attractive brick home with its peaked roof and crenelations, situated on a crescent of Clear Lake, was once the home of Harold W. Fletcher, Hughes Tool Company Chief Engineer who eventually became Vice President and General Manager of the company.

Photos of the mansion

All rental forms available on the website.

Reservations: No more than 9 months in advance

Phone: 281-333-5168
Fax: 281-333-5101
Address: 123 Lakeside Lane, Nassau Bay, TX 77058
Email: info@balharbourassociation.com
Website: www.balharbourassociation.com/Windemere.htm
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