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4th Annual Accessible/Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Date: Apr 20, 2019
Welcome to the fourth annual Accessible/Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt at the Helen Hall Library in League City!
(The Helen Hall Library is *not* hosting the event - they are letting us use the facility only. They cannot answer questions. If you have any questions, please call 409-789-8008 or use the email option below.)
The hunt will be in the theater the library (wheelchair accessible). Groups of children per half hour will be allowed in to “hunt” for Easter eggs. The eggs will be filled with prizes that are appropriate for ages 3 and up, and there will not be any candy (due to the food restrictions that so many special needs children have).

# Exciting News! #
This year we will have an Easter Bunny for photos! At this time, we still do not have a professional photographer lined up, so please be ready to snap some pictures.

*Please note that you do not need tickets for adults and/or helpers. The only tickets needed are for those individuals who will be hunting for eggs. In addition, if you need more than four tickets, please contact me at 409-789-8008 or ksanger@fromtheasylum.com.

If you are a group home or plan on bringing a group from any sort of adult program, please contact me at ksanger@fromtheasylum.com or 409-789-8008. We will arrange your time/tickets without the use of Eventbrite.


Since I put this up, I’ve gotten a number of questions. I realize now that I should have included more information. Hopefully this will answer all the questions people have, but if there’s anything I’ve missed, please feel free to ask me by sending me an email to ksanger@fromtheasylum.com. Thanks!

What ages are allowed?
Kids of all ages. As long as the “kid” is interested and has special needs, they’re invited. There is no cut-off age or age limits. We have had kids of all ages (into their 50s) attend.

Are siblings allowed?
Sorry, but not this time. We want to make sure that the kids with special needs aren’t left out. On the plus side, it is in a library, so the typical siblings can find plenty of other fun things to do during the Easter egg hunt.

Can I help my kid?
Yes! That’s the driving force behind this: kids who can’t participate in typical hunts because of needing assistance or not being at the same level of others of the same age.

Do I need to live in League City to attend?
Nope! You don’t have to live here in League City to attend. It’s being held at the League City library, but it’s a private event, and there are no restrictions as to where you need to live in order to attend.

“My child doesn’t have a diagnosis yes, but they need extra help, and we suspect…”
They’re welcome at the egg hunt! We don’t ask for a diagnosis at the door. We trust that the parents are the experts on their children, so if you’re saying that they need to take part in the special needs Easter egg hunt, your child can be there.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No. We will have a sign-in sheet to see who has registered, but you don't need to remember the ticket (you have enough to do). We are controlling the numbers, though, so only those who pre-resgister can attend.

Can I help?

Yes! We are looking for volunteers to help with manning the art table, checking people in, and setting out eggs. You can be there for as little as half an hour of the full time. We will fill out and sign volunteer hour forms.

We are also looking for donations on our GoFundMe page. You can reach the page here:

Our goal is to raise $250 so that we can purchase a small stuffed animal for each attendee as well as provide them with a basket and eggs.
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