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Fetching Lab - Dogwart's Halloween Pawty

Date: Oct 26, 2019
Dogwart’s School of Waggery

Headmaster: Bella Dogga (Order of Lassie, First Class, Supreme Ball Inspector, International Confed. of Retrievers)

Dear Potential Student:

We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to apply to Dogwart’s School of Waggery. Enrollment begins on October 24th where your general and specific knowledge on the World of Harry Potter will be tested. The Exam begins promptly at 7PM. (Puggle translation: Trivia Night will be Harry Potter Themed.)
On October 26th, Dogwarts will be holding a Sorting Ceremony for potential candidates beginning at Noon until 10PM. During this event, you will be sorted into your dog-houses (see below), will be allowed to show off your skills at the performing arts in our Trick Competition and will be able to display your latest fashion trends in our Costume Competition. (Puggle Translation: Dog Trick Competition and the Dog Costume Contest. )
Dog-Houses: Our Official Sorter will select the your house with the help of your Human. Please keep the below in mind!

Ger-Ruff-Indor: Are you Brave and Adventures? A loyal protector of your humans? This is the House for you. To celebrate your courageous spirit, Bella has brewed the Red Badge of Courage Red-IPA for your human to enjoy, if they are brave enough.

Raven-Paw: Are you clever and creative? Do you enjoy showing how smart and what a Good Doggo you are? This is the House for you. In recognition of your obvious intelligence, Bella has created the Blue Raven Blue-Pale Ale to delight your Human’s taste-buds.

Huffle-Pup: Are you hard working and humble? Are you everyone’s Friend? You are a natural Huffle-Pup. Bella has created a special treat for your Human in the Blonde Badger Ale that is just as easy to drink as you are easy to get along with.

Sloberin: Are you cunning and resourceful? Will you do anything to get your favorite toy? Then Sloberin is where you belong. Bella has worked overtime to create the Green-Serpent Hazy IPA to keep your Human on their toes.

Supplies: Each Student needs to bring:
 - One assistant to carry everything for you. As the assistant must have no more than two legs, a Human is highly recommended.
 - One set of identification Tags in your choice of color.
 - One Leash to ensure your Human does not get lost in the crowd.
 - Evidence that you are in fact a Good-Doggo. Proof can include but is not limited to:
- a wagging tail/wiggling body to show you are friendly,
- no evidence of willingness to start fights with other potential students (especially you Sloberins), and/or
- letting the instructors scratch behind your ears.

More information will be posted as prophesies are revealed.

Sincerely yours:
Head of Public Outreach
Dogwarts School of Waggery
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